Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is there some mind control going on in our hospitals and Universities ?

Is there some mind control going on in the hallways of our
hospitals and Universities?

A good friend of mine has a relative who works in a hospital
and she told him that she couldn’t even risk reading about
natural remedies! The hospitals position is that people are
always better off just taking their prescription drugs.

The shocker is that the general consensus among hospital
employees is that people aren’t willing or able to make
positive lifestyle changes and would rather just continue
to take medications forever.

The people who run our medical institutions, including the
ADA and AMA, are without a doubt fully aware that lifestyle
changes and natural remedies will help reduce or eliminate
the usage of prescription drugs . . .

Yet, the policies and rules do not even allow doctors to
suggest or encourage proven healthy alternatives to harmful
medications . . .

Any ideas why such policies and rules have been put into
place??? Perhaps maybe it's not too good for big-pharma
business if less people take their drugs? Perhaps finding
a cure is not their primary goal (or even a goal at all)???

Think about it . . . Do think the drug companies would
rather have you cured of diabetes - or do you think they'd
rather have you taking their medications for the rest of
your life? A natural diabetes cure would be devastating!

Meanwhile, hospital employees and thousands of others are
being sponsored by the ADA to "walk for a diabetes cure",
but the real health issues still remain and they are still
a largely growing concern . . .

So, where’s all this money REALLY going???

It seems the ADA doesn’t mind spending insane amounts to run
PR campaigns sponsoring things like public "cure walks", but
doctors and nurses are being discouraged from even looking
into natural breakthroughs.

A study done by the AARP interviewed more than 1500 seniors
50 years and older. They discovered more than 2/3 were
choosing natural medicine over drugs . . . and 1/2 of those
said that THEY had initiated the conversation about natural
alternatives, NOT the doctor.

Believe me - There is a cure for type II diabetes, however
it's only flaw is simply that it is NOT a drug.

Remember, what hurts one of us, eventually hurts all of us.
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