Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Foods that control diabetes

There are large numbers of scientific research findings to confirm the effectiveness of plant foods in managing this disease. Through the centuries, more than 400 plants have been identified, used, and prescribed as diabetic remedies.In 1550 BC, the famous Ebers Papyrus advised treating diabetes with high fiber wheat grains. Not much has changed since then. Plant foods are the drug of choice for treating diabetes. There are large numbers of scientific research findings to confirm the effectiveness of plant foods in managing this disease. Read full article

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Get Those Amazing Amino Acids

(NaturalNews) Amino acids are the chemical building blocks of protein and could be called the building blocks of life. Structurally, your body is mainly compromised of proteins developed from amino acids. From twenty amino acids, the body manufactures more than 50,000 different types of protein that play vital roles in our bodies. Amino acids contribute significantly to the health of the nervous system, muscular structure, hormone production, vital organs and cellular structure. They are absolutely crucial for good health........Read full Article

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pacific.scoop.co.nz » 100% Pure USA Drive Towards New Zealand As A GE Nation

100% Pure USA Drive Towards New Zealand As A GE Nation
9:37 January 10, 2011Pacific Press Releases 0 comments
Press Release – Soil and Health Association

Governments phasing out of the winning 100% Pure New Zealand brand, while putting genetic engineering (GE) zealot Dr William Rolleston as Chair of Innovation and also on the Science board of the new Ministry Of Science and Innovation, is a clear sign …100% Pure USA Drive Towards New Zealand As A GE Nation. Read Article

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gillard’s NBN case falls flat | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Julia Gillard is forced to release some of the business case for her national broadband network, and the figures are huge:
THE National Broadband Network’s pledge to pay back $27.1 billion in taxpayer funds rests on the ability to sign up 8.3 million customers.
It also needs to get a favourable ruling for a business plan that extends its monopoly.
The NBN Co business case summary, released yesterday after pressure from independent senator Nick Xenophon, is short on detail on the rates of return the project will deliver or its pricing, and falls far short of the cost-benefit analysis the Coalition and prominent business leaders have been demanding.....Read more

Opinion: How in the world can any politician pass legislation based on a 36 page summary of a 400 page detailed report? The public, paying for this eventual white elephant, has a right to see the total report now not some time in the future , its like giving a blank cheque to someone, this government is based on and gained power by lies to the voters why is this report being stalled from scrutiny?

Half of Americans Facing Diabetes by 2020: Report

More than half of Americans will have diabetes or be prediabetic by 2020 at a cost to the U.S. health care system of $3.35 trillion if current trends go on unabated, according to analysis of a new report released on Tuesday by health insurer UnitedHealth Group.
Diabetes and prediabetes will account for an estimated 10 percent of total health care spending by the end of the decade at an annual cost of almost $500 billion — up from an estimated $194 billion this year, according to the report titled "The United States of Diabetes: Challenges and Opportunities in the Decade Ahead....Read more

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dr. Joseph Mercola: If You Want to Age Gracefully, Don't Eat This

Death is surely inevitable, but I do believe you can live far longer than the average life expectancy tables (1) would predict, which in the U.S. is about 78. Genetics may play a role, but it is NOT the final determining factor for whether you'll live a long healthy life.

Barring an accident, your lifestyle has everything to do with your longevity.

It's already been established that diet can override genetic predispositions for disease (2), so don't fall into the trap of believing your health and longevity is somehow inescapably tied to what's polluting your gene pool.....Read full article

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Long-Term Type 1 Diabetics Still Producing Insulin: Study | Diabetes News Hound

It’s long been thought that people with Type 1 Diabetes cease to produce any insulin after they’ve had the disease for a while. However, new research suggests that notion is a myth, according to an article from Diabetes News.

The study examined people who have been awarded the Joslin Diabetes Center’s “50-Year Medal,” which is given to people that have had Type 1 diabetes for 50 years or more. Slightly more than two-thirds of the study’s 411 living participants and 9 deceased medalists retained the ability to have positive C-peptides, which suggests they are still producing some insulin. The study’s participants have had diabetes for an average of 56 years and were an average of 67 years old.....Read full article