Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Long-Term Type 1 Diabetics Still Producing Insulin: Study | Diabetes News Hound

It’s long been thought that people with Type 1 Diabetes cease to produce any insulin after they’ve had the disease for a while. However, new research suggests that notion is a myth, according to an article from Diabetes News.

The study examined people who have been awarded the Joslin Diabetes Center’s “50-Year Medal,” which is given to people that have had Type 1 diabetes for 50 years or more. Slightly more than two-thirds of the study’s 411 living participants and 9 deceased medalists retained the ability to have positive C-peptides, which suggests they are still producing some insulin. The study’s participants have had diabetes for an average of 56 years and were an average of 67 years old.....Read full article

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