Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FOOD POLICE TARGET TWO-YEAR OLD, do these social engineering misfits get any worse?

Two-year-old Jack Ormisher was left in tears as nursery school staff confiscated his “unhealthy” cheese sandwich. His mother sent a homemade lunch because she suspected that school food was causing him stomach problems. Although his lunchbox also contained vegetables and a piece of melon, school staff offered Jack fruit, nuts and seeds, while informing his mother that future cheese sandwiches must contain lettuce or tomato to pass muster. Instead, his mother moved him to a new school. One blogger posted the following comment on the incident: “If he was older, he might have had the wherewithal to shout back at them: ‘Do I look like a bloody chaffinch, you self-important, doctrinaire Stalinist harridans?...Read full article

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